No More Training Wheels

Within the “martial arts” world comfortable training is an epidemic. Of course, we all seek what it is we seek. Many have different goals. Yet, all differences aside: There is one thing you must understand when taking up the blade: It is no longer about you. What you are about to do is not about your well being. It is the well-being of those around you. This is the core of what one would call being a man. It is not about your happiness, comfort or well-being. It is about others, who honestly and simply, cannot deal with what you can. Therefore, you must train true. You must be responsible and train true! No more padded floors in the mma gym, that is for sports players, and forgotten names. Mma is irresponsible and selfish when it comes to protecting others.… No more choreography. Such “martial arts” are irresponsible and selfish when it comes to protecting others. There is only one truth to violence.
When you step unto the training ground, the dirt, it is time to prepare yourself. With all training techniques aside. There are a few basics that will harden you body, mind and spirit. Always train outside, regardless of weather that will not kill you. Never wear shoes, save the must horrendously cold scenarios. Even if you can only go one minute without them, do it. Being barefoot outdoors should become first nature again, not second nature. If it is cold outside, take off your shirt. If it is hot outside, put on a sweatshirt. You must experience impact with hard objects. Many are against this, and every single one of them would be a burden to fight alongside. Training is uncomfortable, it hurts, it sickens, it makes you question your fortitude. It is not about dancing, beauty, or flash. It is not about a rule list longer than the Constitution, fighters who are always forgotten, and rarely continue The Way. It is about more. A constant growth, a constant reality, a constant responsibility that grows upon itself year after year. In terms of legacy, life after life.


Dog Handling

It is interesting watching the various ways canines interact with humans and vice versa. To obtain the most from your companion, it is best to keep things simple. Many humans attempt to over train their dog. Certain specific aspects may be trained, such as sniffing a particular thing, guardianship over hunting, a particular task, etc. Yet, overall, one should keep things instinctive to the beast. Rely upon three general areas. The dog should sit upon command, and do so naturally without command. Causing it to do anything else, such as lay down or shake, is simply weakening to the instincts, serving no true purpuse. The dog should roll upon it’s back for you naturally, completely unforced. If not this should be established through training, it must be unforced. Happening upon the dogs own instincts, or perhaps you must grow stronger of body and voice yourself, the problem being with you. The dog should be able to be heeled in with command, whether beastial noises or words. To be trained to come towards you, stop pursuit or lessen attack. This is not a stay, as a dog should follow as a shadow, always leading yet following your lead. The dog must have an attack, or perhaps more properly, an energy spike command. This will typically happen when he becomes alert, and you choose whether he is to heel or to move forward with excitement. The more excited, panicked or angry you are, the more it will trigger him.
One can only expect a dog to act with loyalty if loyalty is given to him. Dogs are instinctively addicted to running, chasing, pulling, playing rough, rolling around in foul smells, chewing animal parts, etc. Daily. Let your dog be the beast he is. Natural human food is always healthier than dog food. Always supply him with real meat, and good bones, in addition to his “dog food”, if any. Always make sure nutrients are plenty. Give love and compassion, for dogs do not speak as we do, and yet they do. The more a dog loves it’s pack, the stronger it will behave when needed. Allow it to feel like it has authority, do not tell it to stop barking when alerted, until called off. It should always have a voice. Dogs can be fierce guardians and companions. It has many abilities you do not, yet it relies upon you whole heartedly. In all things, you get from it what you put in.



Light Equipment:
Assembled for survival, hiking, hunting, and overall ranging.
Hunting Belt:

Camping knife
Folding hunter knife
Swiss army knife
Two game dressing knives, one game saw
Camping axe w/ “hammer back”
100 ft. of rope
Flashlight, with one replacement of batteries
First aid kit
Snake bite kit
Dark green rain poncho
Emergency blanket for two
Water purifying tablets
Water filter
Fishing hooks
Fishing line
Thread and needles
Flint fire starter
Heat tabs
Two lighters
Binoculars and/or gun scope
Knife sharpener
Power bars
Misquito repellent
Mosquito head net
Storable Hammock
Mechanics gloves
Forty+ center-fire rifle rounds
Twenty+ pistol rounds

Overall weight: 13-15 pounds

Survival readiness:
Study survival skills with no tools
This is enough equipment to permanently survive with. Some items to be spent in order to spearhead a more stable survival scenario.
Own at least one (or all) “duracloth” outfit and two thermal undergarments
Own at least one pair of effective foot coverings (aka boots)
Carry a canteen water can be boiled in/ attached boiling cup.
Tight fitting “mechanics” gloves are very effective in winter (In my locality).
The gloves are also highly recommended for light-medium sword training with a partner.
There is always somewhere to carry more bullets.
Machette: Very Common, Great tool, Great weapon, Scarcely needed. As tool: Use with serrated back edge. Cutting a path takes energy and makes you extremely trackable for months. Only cut when necessary. A hand axe will be your better friend as overall tool. One can build a log cabin with only a handaxe. As weapon: smooth back, as a snagged blade is a bad blade. (I use it as a germanic “Messer”). Great paired with an axe or knife. When out of ammo, create an oak spear with fire hardened point as first hunting/combative option, you should already have been working on a bow and arrows and/or sling. Learn to throw the machette and axe.
The hammock has carrier that is looped onto the hunting belt, gloves attached to this. Axe slipped into anywhere secure. Canteen carried separately from belt.
Ghillie suits and hunting camo are powerful, tie local foliage into the material.
Guns are best quiet and scoped.