Viking Facepalm

There is a form of Scandinavian ‘modern’ folk wrestling, called Glima, that many people say is a viking martial art. This is a choice of ignorance and fantasy. It is not viking, it is far from such a thing. Nor is it Hema. It has no place in combatives, only very simple sports rules that would would fail miserably in true combat. It is perhaps a century old, with folk styles obviously a little older, yet not ten centuries. All folk wrestling styles are simple contests between friendly men. Once again, no place in combatives. The earliest Hema art we have dates to around 1300 and focuses on sword and buckler combat. This is the closest you will ever get to viking combat. Just because someone writes the word ‘wrestling’ in a saga, and Glima is called ‘wrestling’, or someone applies an old name to something new, does not bridge a thousand years of absent martial arts, instructions, forms, etc. A thousand years changes things. Just as happened to traditional Hema from 1600- present because of firearms.
The ‘modern cult of the viking’ has become a silly joke. With false fighting forms, to many false names, cultic beliefs that people take as deep as a fantasy novel. It is all a joke. Although I have been ‘into’ this stuff for decades, it is embarrassing to bring it up at times, simply for the ‘cult of the viking’ image is a simple ‘facepalm’.
If you practice Glima, choose intelligence, study, anthropology, comparative realities. Stop calling it a viking martial art. Such a thing does not exist and never will. If you believe vikings fought that way, we would not be discussing vikings at the moment, no one would know about them.

Lone Power

When developing one’s self, there is a mindset of individual strength that one must manifest. That, in seeking advancement in life, in seeking your goals of self empowerment. One must look towards oneself. There is a miss identity of self when one gets too caught up in relationships to feel worth. From modern tribalism, to the martial arts dojo. One feels typically, when part of this greater whole, they feel more powerful, more set upon ones ways. This is true, as they do, yet in self power this is weakening. Do not become caught into this aspect of false tribe, as the word tribe is falsely used today. Relationships end, all do, most do not last a decade. And the ones that do, are typically superficial touchings here and there of aspects that neither really exist in solitude with. The true tribe, is ones kin. Their immediate household, mates, children, blood ties. Even blood ties seem to have very little effect these days. And therefore comes the aspect of modern tribalism within a capitalist society. I support capitalism with all my being. Tribal aspects, romantically, many are drawn to it. It is a falsehood of truth. Men are there for themselves and family in the long term until death. If you are not, I will not respect you. The ‘tribal’ relationship will fade. This is true in martial arts. Many are simply small businesses to fund another mans pockets and ego/the responsibility of his individual growth, in order for a lesser man to feel more worthy of life by being part of a group that is ultimately not true tribe, in the real/historical sense of the word. What I am saying is, the most important place to find strength is within. Through yourself, validated by yourself. Your inner mythology that no one is able to be a part of. The sacredness of your spirit. The developing of deep self empowerment. Seeking no permission or support.

For Rome

First and foremost, I am at my core against the principles of the Roman Empire. Yet, I am a man living in the United States during 2016, and therefore understand my inheritance. When we look at Rome, we see that for its time period, and general averages swept across all, you are viewing what was the most powerful collection of energy that the world has ever witnessed. Yes, horrendous energy at times, for the crimes of Rome are many, yet no culture is free. Although some more guilty than others. The city/centralizing of power they could project. I am against cities. Yet I understand the importance, and natural progression of a community into a city, that I must see beyond my dislike. Yes, many cities came before Rome. Roman engineers were influenced by past ideas. Yet they took it There. I believe that for a nation to be politically sound, you must have a blending of ‘Cityism’ and ‘Countryism’, or ‘Heathenism’. For on average the two, if viewing the generalities, are very different types of people. With the total grey in-between that many are, as concrete increases and decreases. A country made up of too much one or the other typically has problems, from ancient to modernity. Personally, I believe true city people are strange in the way they go about themselves.
Onward to the Roman Empire thing. Rome was made up of both. Eventually cities not properly maintaining power, large groups of heathens, blending, blending, blending. And a general collapse over time. Truly the empire never collapsed. The power changed from government to religious government. Actually it was always like that. Different perspective though. The rise of the Roman Catholic church. As well as the Holy Roman Empire, which in a way, truly was extension of the previous. And cities began to grow greatly elsewhere. Feudalism generally is inspired by Germanic and Celtic tribal traditions. The truth of knights, is they were far more typical to fight unmounted. The charge was not used ignorantly, although often was, due to belligerent and stupid warriors. It was to be used with timing, to be the hunters spear. Alexander used this tactic to win one of his greatest victories. Plunging deep into a drawn out and vulnerable enemy line Straight towards the leader. Causing panic into it’s heart. Emotion wins battle more than blood. Knights are shock troops of the mounted charge. The Fortress of the infantry…
Back to the Romans. The reason they were so powerful. It was not because their men were the greatest warriors. For many cultures are great warriors, some far greater in perspective. The strength of the legion was its ability to build. The organization and formations, the defensive-offensive tactics were exceptional, for that is the only way to wage war. It was the building skill of each legionnaire that created the empire. Todays workforce would look pathetic alongside. The ability to literally be a moving fortress. At a peak, the equipment each carried is remarkable, and would make each man have great endurance. Even each man carrying two wooden poles for immediate palisade construction. The legion was around 5,000 men. An average wooden pole, capable of sound defense would measure at least 3 inches in diameter, giving the entire legion 2500 feet of quick defense lines, about half a mile on average. Obviously not all men the same equiped.. Let alone what happens when they start building from surrounding natural materials. I am obsessed with the idea and tactics of fortifying structures. Rome is amazing in their field fortifications… Of course they had many weaknesses. The Germanic tribes proved this in one devastating attack that destroyed many legions. As well as many other defeats, obviously. The fall of the Roman empire generally comes down to various leaders claiming authority, feeling more powerful than the central authority, during a weakening of infrastructure, loyalty, and power. That is also the rise of the Roman Empire.


There is the concept, in a historical sense, that I refer to as ‘checking’ your border enemies. This is when colliding cultures war upon one another. Changing the political routes of strength each are set upon. Checking, while often unsuccessful in the long term political aims, often has far reaching effects of halting the slow advancement upon one another. Historically one can view when culture is checked, when populations are reduced, economies strained, morale decreased, when their walk of power is halted. Yet it is important to not draw ones own culture into ‘checkmate’, bringing said negative aspects to your society from being over stretched in strength. Both physically and mentally.

The Mongols again are a perfect example of this. The unification of tribes, brought together what was not a stable culture in itself. The massive population pressure, and way of life, brought them to immediately check all borders. This was originally taken out upon China in a basic sense. Their traditional opponents. Had they stopped there, and developed cultural changes and mentality, perhaps they would have wielded an immense empire for much longer, far more stable. Yet they did not. They continued their ways. Checking and checking, until they could not push further without the chance of rebellion from war leaders. In this active test of strength, they failed to strengthen a true infrastructure. Thus not just disappearing militaristically, but also culturally. One of the reasons Alexanders empire will always carry greater worth to the modern world. While his was simply an empire of personality, a type that will always be politically weaker in ones death. Yet in his case, far more enlightening. Yes, I speak from a Westerners perspective. Yet the last time I checked, Western culture has created the greatest forms of government, the greatest forms of city building, and empire infrastructure, of war, as nothing will ever equal per capita for time period what the Roman Legion was. This combining of the influx of ‘northern’ European’ ways of life and pressure towards the ‘south’, and vice versa, combined with the inheritance of Roman and Greek ways, Germanic and Celtic tribal traditions, paved the future of Western civilization. From tribal, to feudal, to modern, and back and forth an inbetweens. In a very important excess, Western culture created fine art painting and sculpture, no other place on the planet comes close before us. It created fine music as all build upon today. Paintings one cannot even begin to compare against. On and on. All these things, many nations lacked through history and today. Many nations prove to show.

The Crusades are a form of culture checking. One must understand, Europe and the Middle East, including northern africa during the times of muslim empires. The two have been traditional enemies for over one thousand years. The Muslims, as this a fair name, they were religiously ruled with harsh cultural holy law, just as the christians are the same. The muslims having become far more unified than Europe, constantly applied pressure. The land of Spain was one of constant struggle and collision, at times a threat to all of Europe. Then of Eastern Rome. A doorstep and threat, under constant pressure. The constant build up of muslim force would eventually become to large a threat to inner warring Europeans. The crusades were a wise choice, culturally in the long term. When immense threat gave enough reason, the crusade was summoned. Again and again throughout history. The checking of the middle east. While not politically successful in immediate aim, looking through history, it causes immense weakening of what was the greatest threat to Europe. It is always strange how historians show the middle east to be so advanced, yet Europe ‘barbaric’. Especially when viewing each culture today, from seeds sowed. The arts of the Renaissance prove any argument true or false. History always speaks truth.

When performing such tactics as ‘checking’ the opponent. We must be careful, more careful in these modern times. Ones own checkmate comes swiftly. The ripples are many. Perhaps positive, perhaps not. History will speak truth, although to the wise, many paths are revealed. Yet all paths can change from unknown circumstances yet to appear.

Samurai State


Of the Samurai, of the Mongols. One can change fronts and move to the ‘east’. Viewing on a broad scale the Mongol invasion of Japan. In my eyes this decade is the birth of the Samurai. Obviously built upon beforehand. With future clan based power shifts creating the true samurai class and image as we see it today. The Shinto warrior, while guided by Buddhism. The Buddhist is never Shinto through history, save these “Buddhist”. The Mongol sent the normal you should submit letter with ambassdaors, or we all know what we are talking about. In a sense, the extremely isolated fractured Japanese went, oh shit. Thought it over, had an elaborate response. Then, they decided to be more Samurai. Gave no response and dismissed the ambassadors. Invasion came. There was extremely violent fighting. The defenders being thrown off, fighting while slowly falling back. The way is in death. Although reinforcements were coming. This was a result of clan based warfare, that would quickly unite under chaos. Mongols, Chinese, and Korean vassals were the mongol ‘horde’. The Koreans who provided ships warned extreme weather was coming during the campaign. In my eyes, the Mongol army who countered harder resistance than thought, gaining with great price, and a small horde, as Mongols were always a numerous tribe, listened. They left for home. Like mongols always have too eventually. This attack by 25,000 strong enemy threw medieval Japan unto Samurai Path on a deep level. They new another invasion was coming. Without doubt. Less than a decade later, it did. Around six times the size of previous. The leader having the official title of ‘Breaker of Japan’. Ambassadors were sent again. Yet now that things are properly Samurai: The ambassadors are given a deep fuck you, and are beheaded. The Japanese had heavily fortified a large front. Well supplied and very Samurai. The hordes came, consuming small islands. Met complete and utter unmoving resistance when reaching the fight. A war of attrition and a land of mountains, said to always rumble in vibration of the earth. The campaign came again to the time of year. The Korean captains warned. The Mongols wanted to conquer a place hopelessly unconquerable by them. By the time they decided they must leave, too late, Shinto, The Divine Wind, destroyed the Mongol fleet. As in typical Mongol fashion, they never seemed to have a proper future vision/ sustainable goal with military endeavors. Simply sending hundreds of thousands of men to their deaths because they and their eastern subjects had immense populations to do so. Their ability to innovate their on culture never catching on. In a way as some governments today seem to want their economies/countries severely weakened with goals that have nothing to do with national security. Leaders are to know when they are going to cause more harm than good. This is why we study history. The history book’s will always speak truth, regardless of current blinded propaganda… In defeat, many drowned, many slain, many taken slave. There is no recording of the fleet ever returning. In my sight, this is were Japan declared that it was a Samurai State.

Mongol Horseshit

‘Send us your ambassadors; and thus we shall judge whether you wish to be at peace with us or at war… if you make war on us, the Everlasting God, who makes easy what was difficult and makes near what was far, knows that we know what our power is.’

A letter from the Mongols to France. The Mongols were intense indeed, yet as was medieval Frankish warfare. Thus while the quote is one of the greatest, it was truthfully hollow, and the Franks gave no care to this enemy. Only truly wishing to ally against Islam with them. Yet this too never came to truth. The Mongols like all armies were a product of time and terrain. The Mongols had no chance against the European heartland, and less chance holding an inch of it. Just as Europe, even if it was a united whole, would have little chance of conquering the eastern barren plains, nor would they ever desire to. True conquering is completely reliant on ones ability to build with stone. So much more could be written of the subject. Yet what does it matter? look at Mongolia today. Look at Europe today. View overall history. Truth easily spoken and viewed.

No Tea Ceremony

When training, there is a certain point you must take yourself. A point very few will. This is the curse of the gym. When I train, many of the sets become horrible situations. I train alone. My intent for training within keeps me occupied. My over all purpose and what I know I need. When taking most sets, whether heavy weight low rep, to low weight high rep. You must become, what one may call, pathetic towards the last half or third. Body movements unable of more than an inch of freedom. Where truly, it is over, you are losing. For this point is more important than any other point. This is the point of trial. This is the point of truth. This is the point you will be when you need your abilities most. Therefore take yourself there. Do not be caught up in how many times you ‘workout’ a week. For most individual’s workouts, and I mean the ‘hardcore’ ones, seem more like a tea ceremony, than getting work in. I do not view workouts as such. It is testing. Even if I test once for the week, the recovery is needed. Sets must be done in failure. In pathetic movements. In noises of struggle. In shaking limbs, In weakness. Sickness a regular feeling through the majority the test. Many will not allow themselves to move weakly. Many have to much ego to do this in front of others. They will quit when still on top of form. My form falls apart, into something called reality… All workouts and types have a slightly different goal. I view mine as seeking strength in reality. I seek, as any martial artist should, to be a force of reckoning for any type of man/ animal on this planet, my mind will balance and gain superiority of differences, in intent… this is not unique. Great strength, while not being the guerrilla to be hunted. Great endurance, while not being the branch to be snapped. Explosiveness and speed from both. Although the heart of cutting someone are none of these, yet are. Be careful whose body you judge in weakness. Simple physical strength can not be measured by size. Some men’s energy is ‘insane’. Like trying to hold an enraged wolverine, it does not weigh very much. Or even a squirrel for that matter. Strength is a strange thing. This is why some human guerrillas, who are super swollen look so soft, because they are. Too embedded in society to be true wild. Train outside in all weather. If people are just trying to kill each other, the measurements of strength become weird wyrd… I strike myself with hard objects in well trained ways, this is a strength that is difficult to measure, although some are insightful towards opponents. Weak people say this is pointless. I say enjoy being yourself, for I care nothing. This type of training makes my unarmed attacks excessively confident and wrecking. Knowing that the damage is not registered real and mentally. It is not simply a gap between men, it is an ocean, a galaxy. Grip strength is of almighty importance, just as rough objects held in ungloved hands. Know why you train.The gym is often a curse, for me that is. Train with those of same intent, to whatever extreme you wish to take it. Adapt the test. Have a whole within your mind, trickling into all life practices.