The Red Branch - Jesse Robertson

Light Equipment:
Assembled for survival, hiking, hunting, and overall ranging.
Hunting Belt:

Camping knife
Folding hunter knife
Swiss army knife
Two game dressing knives, one game saw
Camping axe w/ “hammer back”
100 ft. of rope
Flashlight, with one replacement of batteries
First aid kit
Snake bite kit
Dark green rain poncho
Emergency blanket for two
Water purifying tablets
Water filter
Fishing hooks
Fishing line
Thread and needles
Flint fire starter
Heat tabs
Two lighters
Binoculars and/or gun scope
Knife sharpener
Power bars
Misquito repellent
Mosquito head net
Storable Hammock
Mechanics gloves
Forty+ center-fire rifle rounds
Twenty+ pistol rounds

Overall weight: 13-15 pounds

Survival readiness:
Study survival skills with no tools
This is enough equipment to permanently survive with. Some items to be spent in order to spearhead a more stable survival scenario.
Own at least one (or all) “duracloth” outfit and two thermal undergarments

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Fillipo Vadism.jpg

‘Set your sword pointing towards your enemy’s face, and quickly strike.
You must be very shrewd, the eye towards the weapons
which can strike you, seizing measure and timing,
and with a proper posture.’ -Vadi

This is the most solid piece of advice I have ever read in a Hema manual. Many manuals have pitfalls, most likely done on purpose to confuse one with theatrics. Simply choreographing what one views in a manual can lead to something very pleasing to the eye, yet something very weak in approach. Simply my vision, even when just meditating on the subject. My stance stays the same nearly at all times. Shuffling my feet. Whipping the sword point on circles no bigger than a foot, the pommel much less, with the point still in front. The point finding the opponent, or a small whip of a few inches of my blade that one would call a strike. The moment my point leaves my front, I feel vulnerable and weak, because I am. The moment my point must move more than a foot to protect myself, I have created to much movement, and am set from a weak point. While one does not want to compare this art to modern fencing, one must ask themselves if they could stand against a fencer, given a real rapier. Watch how much these fencers get hit, this is the same of a sword fight, It happens without sight of it. You will be stabbed so quickly, so immediately, without even a fight. The theatrics will look horrible. Video taped and presented, it will artistically please no one. Its just intelligently and skillfully breaking someone down quickly and striking. Imagine the serpent who rotated as he struck. Boxing is another good example. Imagine a boxing match that the winner was the first person hit in the head. For once again this is how easy it is to kill. In boxing there is a complete break down of “martial arts technique”. You simply do the same thing again and again. Range control decides the victor. In a martial arts sense, boxing is unpleasing to the eye, theatricly. Many of the past masters had to fill their books up with something appealing. Who’s to even say they all were true masters? Some things I come across cause me to question. Or perhaps they are lying on purpose, to confuse the unworthy. Or perhaps making up techniques in controlled environments, because they have the knowledge and skill to. Theatrical displays are something written of during the medieval era, and those who put them on. The oldest of the fight books describe very little in techniques. This is not due to being old and undeveloped, this is due to truth. It is all you need. As time went on things are added, yet the vast majority is unnecessary fluff. Simply other men trying to reinvent the wheel. When we see something more difficult to understand, we believe it better. This is a falsehood. I find more worth in the words of some masters than I do in their pictures. True sword fighting is not beautiful or appealing. Nor does it even look that skilled. Because true skill lies in range control, something most viewers of fights are extremely ignorant of. They are concerned with hands doing fancy things, when hands really move so little. What I am trying to say, is sword fighting is extremely simple in appearance, while a whole other world from sports fencing, this is actually the closest thing I can compare it to, in the sense of extremely skilled practitioners who will stab you before tea time. Pouring the tea will look more artful than the fight.


Spar. Spar. Spar. Put aside your choreographed ego. Not only is this the greatest act of fun. It is also the greatest act of learning. Depending on what you do, you may only be able to spar with weapons. Ones unarmed combat may be unsparrable, such as the ‘Ringen’ I study, be the serpent not the bear… Sword sparring is the most exhilarating source of entertainment I can participate in with men. The problem with sparring is many people have to large of an ego to do such a thing. If you are over fifty and have many students, and your martial arts are worth anything besides just being mediocre choreography for decades, then yes, you are exempt from sparring. Hopefully you have not walked a lie of choreographed martial arts through your life and lack of any participation in the spar, the most common form of martial arts ‘master’. One must understand there is no such thing as being undefeated in such practice. It is a shame watching sports practitioners completely fall apart phsycologically because they lose. Of course you lost. You are ultimately just sparring very hard, please do not think you are participating in real combat, you are not. You are not. Protection is often needed for sparring to be more realistic, as I feel it easy to kill a man with a wooden sword, especially when thrusting, let alone a bIunted steel. I will be struck many times sparring, strikes meaning blood and mortal wounds, I will strike many times. Sometimes I may go Blitzkrieg, and be reckless, just to see what I can get away with consistently and what I can not. Sometimes I will see how long I can go and not be hit. Maybe I will just do crazy movements with my sword, writing symbols in the air around yours with no contact to make your timing fall apart, just to strike out after twenty seconds of your frustration… It is all very enlightening towards what you would actually do to win, unharmed. I care nothing of being hit in training, nothing of hitting. No ego, just fun. Although, unfortunately, many get caught in ego and act unprofessional, therefore just hit there hands and tell them to chill out. If you do not spar, you are not a martial artist. Trying to get a sword between me and some other martial artists is quite impossible at times. Because they are terrified that their ego will be taken, they put ego in choreography and call this survival. This is a silly concept. It is too easy to hit others and be hit. This is why true martial arts have more to do with range control then technique. Those caught up in theatrical display, simply do not wish this taken from them. Unarmed combat can become weird, be careful. Sports and stuff are fine, its just sport. Knife sparring is probably the most enlightening and useful. Sparring should be the core of your training. Participating whenever possible. It is not the final count of life and death. Too many other circumstances come into play to view it this way. It is just fun and learning. Get off the martial arts pedestal. Participate. Do not be a useless, ego filled, falsely confident dancer.


There is a serious misunderstanding of the term ‘Jotunn’ within Norse Germanic religion from modern perception. Clear your head of the concept of the word “giant”. As in one who is of greatly large size, separate from humans. Yes one may be of great stature and power, yet this is something human. Also, in a serious sense, distance yourself from the trappings of written norse mythology, standing alone. This is the paradox of European pagan mythology.

Imagine, comparatively speaking the Jotnar being as they are hinted at. That first and foremost all spiritual beings are manifestations of the human spirit. And we are talking spirituality, no? One taken way more serious then the vast majority take theirs this day. This giant entity being human in a sense. The term Jotunn references directly to the word ‘eat’, ‘eat greatly’, ‘eat men’. Man Eater, there in lies a spiritual descendant. A hinting at an ancient primordial time lost in the mist. A cultic descendant. The evidence of cannibalism stretches into all aspects of humanity, evident in the ‘pre cultures’ of Germanic and Celtic culture, or those living in northern Europe into the ages of ‘Doggerland’. Perhaps evident in ‘Germanic’ and’ Celtic’ culture itself. Cannibalism in it’s different forms, often falls into a warrior sense. The term may also be taken in a metaphorical sense. Of one who consumes men, a dominant and unstopping force. A giant. Cultures upon the same land overlap, they do not displace typically unless it is racial in an clear sense, yet even this is not definite. And yes, the further you go in history the more racist cultures naturally are. To the point there would be no understanding not to be this way, given the pressures of life. This is still evident today, a suppressed backlash we now witness. And will continue to witness in ever increased ways… So when you say Germanic or Celtic, you speak of migrations and cultural expressions, that built upon the expressions of those who had already been living upon a land for thousands of years. This could even be stretching back to the time of sub-species. Such a Neanderthals. And yes, there were different sub-species in different lands of the earth. Different lands mated with different sub-species. It is all very fascinating. Perhaps these sub-species have a place in early mythological understandings and entities. Yet this is something else, with a time gap of great width.

Awe, back to the flesh-eaters, the Consumer, the Jotnar, the giants. An obvious differentiation from the Aesir, the Vanir. The Vanir seeming to be cultic beliefs from somewhere slightly foreign yet near… The Aesir the high aspects of the norse psychology, or perhaps the strongest of past spirits?, directly intermixed and overlapped with the ‘giants’. The Jotunn being still something relatable to men, man like. An aspect identified through these beings, these perhaps, being the spirits of past men. Past ways, past beliefs, a tribal identification, a powerful warlike perspective. Many religions, actually All religions are based upon bloodlines and tribal lineages…

Thus from a spiritual perspective, the Jotnar are something to be tapped into. Something to be viewed as human. An aspect, of war and hate, perhaps of life. A power source greater than most. From a martial arts perspective, some ‘eastern’ cultures refer to such a being as the Dragon. Some psychologies call this the ‘Id’. Some call it many other things. Yet is it best to be viewed in universal balance. Understanding human psychology. For men need balance within, balance and understanding of our instincts.

The relationship between ‘gods’ and ‘giants’ is deeply connected, it seems as if they are the same beings, living within different borders. The god Thor is closely identified etymologically with the lore of the word Jotunn. His aspects are deeply related to those of his chief opponents, yet separate in his righteousness. Yet, The giants often act with great honour. Yes, righteousness is real and judgmental. Things are black and white and infinitely grey. Not just grey. Black and white is Not equivalent to Masculine and Feminine. The ‘Jotnar, typically just hates humanity, yet do you blame them? Sounds a lot like many gods I have read about as well.

One can not separate these terms and aspects from the European wolf cult. An ancient cult spread across Europe, manifesting it’s final stage in the Ulfhedinn and ’berserker’(bare-shirts and Bear-shirt, double meaning) of viking times. The aspects of the berserkrgang. The drinkers of blood. As ‘giants’ are termed the eaters of flesh, thirsters of blood. Aspects of war. Cults of collecting heads,etc. No one is free of cultic violence and insanity in early times. Accountability. Good and evil are obvious, an atheist can identify such a thing, one does not need religion. Thus I do not believe the aspect of the Jotunn falls into black and white, good and evil. For those are greater extremes then evidence given of the Jutunn aspect. This may have covered a bit too much ground, yet I am a wanderer.

Of the Berserkers, who is to enter Valhalla, besides these berserkers? These chosen men of Odin? Valhalla being a term to live by. Even if an atheist, in an abstract sense. For to live by the qualities to be Chosen to enter, are to live a True life….Why are they chosen? What was their qualities in truth, not propaganda of centuries late writers. Why would Wotan desire anything else than these men, those who have become this. Those who have become wolves, those who have become giants. Those who can manifest this powerful aspect. Just as Odin himself. For what are Odins other mysterious and unwarlike aspects that bring balance to this consuming power source? What path of training did it take? The Japanese call this Shugendo, this path of training and testing. A form of Shinto, deeply connected to land and ancestors. Being European and Shinto is as strange as being Japanese and Odinistic. These warrior mystics, forest and mountain dwellers, living embodiments of the term Oni and Tengu . Many cultures who allowed freedom of internal development, held mysterious cultic beliefs and ‘powers’. Thus the lineage of both giant and berserk are the same, bloodlines/ qualities bound together. One must look at each myth as human, an aspect of self. The Jotunn are thus a blood lineage, an ancestral inheritance. An aspect of the Furor Teutonicus.

Different Worlds

It has been several years now that I have not had television. I live in the country, and therefore the only internet I am able to obtain is a limited satellite service. Welcome to 1995 speeds. So in essence I see very little in video. I find this immensely powerful.
Television can be hypnotic in a way. Entertaining, yet stealing of time and vision. That is not including the mythology of advertisment imbedded into you. I was eating lunch at my fathers the other day.Turned on the t.v., news was on. He was not there yet or else we would be talking not watching. I read news, yet never watch it. I never actually see many people speak anything. Multiple people were speaking, four reporters angry at each other, and I realized how disconnected by politics are to the nations vibe. I am an American political person, yet imagining my opinion on this show would have led to absolute outrage. News is so typical. My politics are not entirely shared, or perhaps my perspective is as harsh as true, yet I feel compassionate. Truly I desire as little interference from the government as possible. I mean I want fucking nothing, Intranationally speaking, from protection to free help in anything. I completely respect the need for infrastructure, which must be one of steel. Internationally a wish for the wisest and least nationally destructive decisions to be made. I understand the human animals must be controlled. Yet a may perceive an independence I should have, and like minded others, that others should not. As in others need closer control, and therefore we need things like t.v. and modern public schooling doctrines. Yet in this structure, those will still find their Way if they Freely choose. Freedom of un destructive choice.… After news, I watched a segment of cops, this was very entertaining.
Yet in the grand scheme of things, I choose to stay away from video for a reason. For my mind is not effected by images from crazy places. It is for the most part my own, the world around, and images and texts I see. Seeing people talk is ultimately annoying and grinding to the senses, it lingers. Video creates most everyones mythology within their head. That which to obtain to, look like, buy, eat, medicate, laugh at, cry at, love, hate. The average amount of hours a human spends at t.v is amazing, not including internet video.
Free you mind from this governmental streaming. This role of society. Strengthen your mythology. Your inner being. For there is much of the world you must experience. Do not let it first create you, before entering. Create it, and enter. Regardless of the two, the world is still the same place, yet so different…



Martial arts mindset and perspective. Typically speaking, humans are easy unarmed mammals to overcome. From a scientific perspective. Or are they the deadliest? I mean this in an instinctive, naked, timeless way. Yes, the modern man is a joke in the terms I speak of. But what of the others? Each must decide.
Take yourself away from simply overcoming humans in combat. Encompass the all. Could you prevail/survive against an alpha silverback guerrilla attacking you, a shark, a bear, a tiger? This is what you must understand. What tactics must be used. How will this effect the martial arts against a human? If attacked by a tiger for instance, the immediate choice is a destined bite, using any terrain advantage to avoid bite and grapple. Avoiding lethal blood, allowing non-lethal blood. Allowing the crushing of a forearm, forcing it. Yet would you have the fortitude and ability, to immediately plunge finger tips into an eye, rip an ear off, avoid raking? Same of the shark, eyes, gills, avoiding torso damage. The bear, what tactics? What obstacles created between the two. What gestures of spirit to intimidate? Same of the ape, what would be your choices? Your instincts? Because they do not think of theirs… Thus the fall of mans power, thus the rise of mans power. A disconnection too deep to be expressed. A connection only we can obtain. What of the others?
In such scenarios you will see. Everything one has learned in martial arts is nearly useless. Or you will see, such a statement is true, yet everything is now useful. The technique, the expression of the Art has been taken away. What is left? The truth. The truth of the Art.

Abstract Ringen

The aspect of range is the core of martial arts. Far range, the range of entering engagement. Mid range, the place were 99 percent of all techniques you will learn enter into play, including striking and ‘extended clinching’. Close range, you are grappling and/or ‘close clinching’, modernly the place were most sporting techniques come into play. Clinching should be easily perceived as two different ranges. I will view this combatively. In two types of scenarios. Historically speaking, for that is the heart of martial arts, or what many arts pretend to be. Basically there will be the duel, and battlefield. In dueling we will assume no armour for the sake of modern learning, Battlefield, we will be knights, full plated armour. All unarmed. Viewing Hema. Yet what is the Ringen striking? Everytime your body comes into contact with the opponents is a strike. Start moving that way against a wooden sword pell, with power… The most important thing to look upon, is to stay away from middle range. This range is death and suicide for all. Yet, this is the range of martial arts learning and perception. In middle range, everyone dies. A man was to live his life strategically if he had any long term goals, this is un strategic. Middle range is not a place to stay, it is a place of pass through. Dueling, one is to own the far range, when caught in middle range one must make the immediate “choice”, of violently withdrawing, or passing through to close range. Withdrawing, as in attacking in a maiming way while withdrawing, to re view the situation with said results and dominance. This is the wise thing to do in duels of any armament or multiple attacker scenarios. Guarding someone brings into play a different perception. The other option, stepping in, should be a pass through. Not entering into a contestation of strength, for this is equally as suicidal as mid range. As humans also have very nasty claws. It is to maimfully strike out in mid, moving into a joint lock, wrist/finger throw, foot strike/toss, knee/ankle break, face destruction, neck break, or something creative. To stomp and stomp, move through. This is to be done only when dominance is assured. Yet, upon the battlefield, this becomes forced. The armour will bring many to close range, one must sweep through and move on. The preferred war weapon of the pole axe made one especially capable, used wielding upright in front of you, a vertical vortex. One may not become stuck close or tactically withdraw in formation. Therefore it comes to pure lethal combatives, and pushing through the opposition while the men beside you hopefully do the same. It is the only way to survive, and thus True Ringen must be viewed and studied as such a tool…
In all arts, that you could trust your life with, the mid range is the blossoming of technique. But do not become caught in remaining in mid range to fight. This is the misguided perception of many martial arts displays and hollywood theatrics. It is attractive to see, yet it is misleading. Far range must be pulsated in and out of, or close range violently displaced. Mid range is just a fluid path to not remain on.