Weapon Anatomy

There is no such thing as a standard close combat weapon. Just as there is no such thing as a standard human body. This is in the study of martial arts, in the sense of individual close combat, both upon the field and duel. The bearing of a warrior who would be extremely well versed in close combat. Not the “modernized” soldier or technology. In regards to 17th century warfare and onward in the European theatre. That is, when weapons were massed produced for the hands of a quickly trained warrior. Of course through all time weapons would be massed produced and placed in such hands, depending upon time and culture. The “perfect” weapons I speak of are cultures that maintained an aristocratic elite, trained for war from a young age, or elite bands, having the wealth to produce weapons individually crafted for the wielder. Amongst all cultures, particularly the “technologically advanced” ones. Such as European longswords, or Samurai katanas. This will not be a post of technology comparision. Another time for there is much to write.

When I refer to trained quickly, a year of training is quick in my understanding. And yet this far outstrips many of the “modern” armies I speak of. Yet when you approach an individual who has trained for three years and more, things begin to change. Especially when you reach the ten year mark. These are the warrior elites I write of, often based upon feudal systems of management.

There is no standard weapon. Every weapon is to be made to fit your own standards. A longsword that works explosively for me, may not for another. Just as the clearing room of the handle will be different as another. Just as the tip clearing the ground upon techniques will be different. Vadi states the longsword is to measure to ones armpit. Based upon these measurements I am in the 57” area. Many modern practitioners base a longsword as being no longer than 54” with a 40” blade, before it becomes a greatsword. This is debatable, based upon skill of the smith. A 48” longsword is excessively short to my standards, a drawback to my height. For length wins a sword fight. Yet at a particular length, a weapon obviously becomes weaker. This is to be found. The same is said of all weapons. This is extremly expressed upon renaissance rapier fighting systems. One’s sword length upon ones body proportions. When studying historic originals, one must take into regard the height of the wielder. Men were shorter, not greatly, and often due to diet and health than any form of evolution, yet shorter. Therefore filter the average height of a man from a particular race and apply it to said historical artifact. The mathematics are simple and easily transferable to find the proper height of artifact for a modern practitioner. A silly thing you will always see in the west is the practitioner of eastern martial arts using weapons based upon artifacts of medieval eastern races. One is using a vastly small weapon. The katana is the perfect example. A very popular form of martial arts in the west. Medieval Japanese were small in comparison to modern western Europeans. Based upon skeletal evidence and handprints we have of Japanese warlords. Placing ones hands atop these prints is as covering a child’s hands. I am 6’2”, I speak from my perspective. It is strange to use such a piece of technology, created for a man of this stature. The average Katana is roughly around 40” in length. Upon simple mathematics, a 6’ man should use a katana of roughly 48” in length and will be wielding it in the same nature of the average medieval Japanese. 8 inches is life and death. “Medieval” based upon their timeline, not the west. This is to be repeated in every single weapon one can find. Something to pay attention to in all martial arts.

In combat and the duel: reach will win, when using well crafted respectable weapons. This is simple martial arts theory and law. Of course there are variations. Especially with pole arms when their edge is “penetrated”. Therefore bring the proper equipment to a duel. Just as each martial artist carries a custom body. Each martial artist must carry a custom weapon. This is the nature of history. One must find himself.


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