Till Death

I am ashamed of my generation. This does not mean I hold past generations in higher regard. Simply viewing my own. The laziness and lack of effort many make is open and obvious. The quality of being. A truth: your body represents a deep inner aspect of yourself. This is not vanity. This is not who is pretty and not. This is simply truth. My generation is incapable if not being in front of a computer. Many are incapable of effort. Masculine effort. That is capable of body and will. Not what one can do at a desk. Unhealthy bodies have become the obvious norm, a following of the past few generations. Commercialized diets, sitting entertainment, sitting work, sitting life styles. There is nothing wrong with making money while sitting. In all regards it is best to make money while actually not trading time after initial investment. It is simply the dignity of still being physically capable as a human being. The lazy, snobbish, I am above the effort of today, this generation carries is appalling. There is a timeline of capability we as men have. This timeline is far mis calculated in the modern beings perspective. The idea of down hill at thirty disgusts me. It is a lazy excuse, to enhance laziness.

My perspective, that of martial arts, dictates a much different timeline. Timeline based upon healthy eating and training habits. With overlap expressing transition. There are many examples to give, yet are unneccesary. First and foremost, as a man, you have little use below the age of twenty five. Regardless of talent. From the ages of twenty five through forty five, you are at your peak as a “fighter”. Your blending of athletic ability and skill, while rooted as a man. From the ages of 35 through 65 you are at you peak as a martial artist. Your blending of artistic talent extremely developed, alongside continued athletic ability maintained. 40 through 65, you are the King who still commands on the frontline, you are to be rooted, skilled, strong, and respected. Whether the martial arts “master”, “business owner”, etc. From 65 through death, you are the elder. The King who rules from the throne, yet still able to perform for a long while. The martial arts high master and sage. Your wisdom from success and failure to be omnipotent. While maintaining rooted nature and strength of body. Expansion of business and art to ever continue through this age. Obviously changing as you enter venerable elder stage of late seventies and above, were physical nature means less. Yet your body is still to represent who you are on the inside.

In this sense, we are to ever grow more powerful in life. Although the form of power changing. Our roots are to grow deeper, as branches grow higher. When viewing what walks around in western culture, while calling itself a man, we might feel we live in a joke. It is true, we do live in a joke. Yes, this is judgmental, but it is deserved. Yes fingers are pointed, the intent is to stab. What walks around is far disconnected from what we truly are. What we, as men, are supposed to be. Ones body is a direct reflection of ones spirit and lifestyle. You represent yourself. This means nothing to so many. And therefore we live in such states of depression. Such states of sickness. Not even realizing how sick we are, for sickness is the norm. And if it is the norm, then by all means we must be it. Doctor prescribed medications make you a drug addict as much as any illegal substance. Alcohol is a hardcore drug as well. Prescriptions for mental anguish are due to our own laziness. How could you not live in torture, when confined in such a vessel as your body, and life style that created it. Prescriptions for health are causing men to live longer then life would allow. Prolonging their filthy lifestyles and eating habits. Fixing the immediate threat, yet offering no resolution. Such is modern medicine.

Stand. Take responsibility for yourself. Your lifestyle. You will feel such worth, such ability. You will feel as nature. Or: you will feel as a slave. That society is holding you down. That you are judged. That you feel sick. That running a small distance may kill you. That dirt may make you feel sick. Touching a rock may make you bleed. Addicted to the chemical grease of the machines food. Addicted to the high of the machines medications. Dependent upon anything else to take away the responsibility that you have control and power to be something vastly greater than what is pressed upon you. The peak of the human potential. Yet all is a waste when health is cast aside. All is a waste.


We are as we practice. We are as we eat. Humans all fall in to a habitual style of life. When following the path of martial arts this style should be one that revolves around empowerment. Practice and eating habits go hand and hand. Two acts that are intimately intwined, inescapable from one another. Ones health is ones choice. Choose and follow. The Way is to empower you through all of life’s years. Each man must find his own path. A lifestyle that I have embedded myself into is as follows, written in generalized terms:

-7 days a week I train in martial arts. This revolves around the Greatsword (my core), Longsword, Knife, Unarmed Combatives and Ringen. Depending on my current inspiration this can change to Axe, Greataxe, Staff, Shields, Sword, Rapier, Buckler, Pole arms, Spear, Broadsword, Targe, Dirk, anything in the Hema spectrum and before, anything outside of it, Muay Boran, Kanabo, Odachi, Kenjutsu, Kendo, “Japanese arts”, Various Striking methods, Ballistics (old and modern), etc.
-7 days a week Stretching or Yoga.
-2 days a week Weight Lifting. One upper body, one lower body.
-2 days a week Running. Abs. Followed by weighted vest (60 lbs.) for martial arts. This is to somewhat mimic armour. 1 day is ‘Shield Run’ (Fire Body).
– Lightning Body-1 Day a week Explosive and Balance Body Weight training. This is jump push ups/squats, one handed pushups, one leg squats, “martial shoot training”, etc.
– Oak Body- 1 Day a week Body Hardening. Jump rope. High repetition endurance Strikes, “Bare Knuckle”(Hand Wraps), Striking body with oak staff, striking wood pell with limbs, “Ringen Hardening/ snaking the pell”, etc. This is typically done several times, sometimes everyday, a week.
– Stone Body- 1 Day a week Grip, Balance, Hardening and Strength training. All aspects involve 30 pound granite rough hewn blocks. Strong man techniques, bending and breaking metal. Sledge hammer (6 ft oak handle, 12 lb. head, 16 lb. total. Heavy, yet still somewhat usable in combative form.) Hammer fist, palm strike hardening on granite blocks. Balancing on granite blocks standing upright (mainly ‘warrior 3 and tree’). Grip holding of blocks, one in each hand, until failure.
-Sometimes/oftentimes a skip a running day once a week, and add the weighted vest to another. Choosing to only train the Shield Run .

-Many thanks to my wife who is a nutritionist. Cornerstones are: Great quantities of Grains and Nut mixes( Oats, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia Seeds, Almonds, Walnuts, Buckwheat, Pumpkin Seeds, along with Maple, Honey, etc.) Large amount of Lentils with only salt, pepper and nutritional yeast flakes. (This, or black beans, etc. is what you should eat if you are vegan, not soy. Nutritional Yeast should be a staple.) Always Dried Cranberries, Apples and various berries. Sides of Brown Rice or Potatoes and Onions, Broccoli, Greens beans, Peas, Avocado, variations, etc. One Apple Cider Vinegar “shot” loaded with Turmeric, a little Cayenne and Lemon juice every other day. My Dog and I eat a large amount of Chicken or Fish at dinner. Any oils are Coconut or Sunflower Seed oil, sometimes/oftentimes I use Butter and eat cheese. One day a week I eat a lion’s share of red meat (typically high quality Steak (rare) and Sausage together). Sometimes/oftentimes I consume various other “things”.  The “consistent” foundation is the importance. Around 4,000 calories a day.

A generalized overview of a lifestyle that works for me. One that I pull empowerment from.

Oak Path

This world is one of chaos and falsehood. As we go about our daily lives, the chaos surrounding us brings nothing but torment to the spirit of mankind. This torment is self chosen. For one must rise beyond it. Our inner world and state of being is self chosen. Our world is what we choose to view, what we choose to be fed. The atrocities of this world are many. Factual regardless of perception. Many wish to believe that current times are most lost. This is a falsehood. Current times see more peace and stability than this world has ever witnessed on a social level, yet the society of consumerism is all consuming and destructive. On an environmental level, and personal level, it is the most destructive. The human condition of lowliness strikes at the heart of many. First one must get to the root cause of this lowliness of mankind. Mankind, is the problem. It is what we are attracted to that is the problem. Humanity is the lowest denominator. For we love what is popular. To become popular within humanity is to attract the lowest denominator of humanity. To attract our lowest aspects. View the character of the American elections. What the people wish to see. View the political movements amongst cultures the media portrays. The news stories most popular. The propaganda we believe about our county’s actions. The disgusting diet we are attracted to. The embarrassing sports athletes most popular. The foul musicians and their character many mimic. This is not the fault of “those in charge”. This is the fault of the lowest denominator of humanity. The mob. For thousands of years, the mob must be pleased to be controlled. The mob is attracted to that which is their own destruction and weakness. The desire for power, wealth, and materialism. While this is not to be condemned entirely. It is the root cause of mankind’s troubles and anxiety. Of personal misery. Depression and propaganda. It is due to this that many seek an alternative route. We seek connection and sincerity. Yet were is this to be found?
Many seek this out in a spiritual way. We seek to connect to something greater than ourselves, something greater than the “success” of society. For many spirituality is seeking connection with the Earth. Connection with that which is real and lasting. That which is the embodiment and power of spiritual signifigance. For in seeking this connection, we seem to both find ourselves and lose ourselves.
Yet how often do you see disconnection towards one words. Diet is a deep aspect, if not deepest in connection of the world around you. Diet leads to nearly every aspect of life. Yet in this world of doctor degrees, so few understand this. Organic veganism is highly recommended. At the very least, cleanse yourself of toxins the length of a moon cycle periodically, for both the sake of discipline and experimentation. Seeking honesty with the way you feel. Do not be the animal/earth rights “activist” who does not eat an organic vegan diet. You have lost the right to speak. You see this hypocrisy relentlessly, it is tiresome. This is due to fads and many wanting to be part of a “way” that one does not understand. While contradictory to a purely peaceful path, hunting wild game and True-Farm raised domestic animal product is a noble a way to eat, combined with an organic vegan diet, while walking a spiritual path. For it is the nature of many animals to desire blood, yet not consume tortured hatred and fear. Another view so many activists do not give awareness to, or perhaps simply a commitment few wish to make. This is due to lack of balance within themselves, creating the faults within their psychology. Although from the view of health and longevity, as well as a purely peaceful spiritual approach, intellegent veganism is a wiser choice. It is walking a holistic approach that is true spirituality. No exception for those who seek in and outer knowledge. No exceptions for those who seek wholeness and connection. Diet is always the first place to start. And the first thing that will give you life or a quicker death, and miserable body…
Many who walk the path of martial arts do so with spiritual intent. True martial arts I speak of. We seek self improvement. We seek connection to the power of the universe, for in this power one is humbled. Meditation to cast away ones self, the sword to empower. Martial Arts is the walk from innocence to corruption, and again to innocence. The path of the sage, the path of the monster. For both are given flame.
In meditative practice, regardless of esoteric intent, we seek wholeness. We seek unfiltered energy arousal. In wholeness one must see what is most damaging. One must disconnect from the damaged outlets society feeds upon. Turn off the television, read a book that makes you a greater person instead. Step away from the cult of social media, instead understand what true friendship means, and accept nothing else. See what is physically real, and digitally fake. Step away from commercialized diets, life shortening addictions and chemicals unheard of, keeping humanity weak and sick, addicted to medication after medication for problems that are naturally curable. Depression and anxiety created form this network one is plugged into. Step away from the lowest, most popular denominator. The misery created by being apart of this “society”. It is done purposefully, for the herd feeds upon what it desires, creating the disgust that is modern media. Media, in a sense leading every aspect of your life since you were very young, going through public indoctrination of citizenship, whether you believe or not. Cure the disease. Seek accountability with the Earth, with Your God. Feel Her gentle breath, hear His echoing roar. You may have great difficulty finding God, your holistic inner divinity. Yet, a path requires walking…
Practice self improvement. Art, creation, health, meditation. Destruction of external influence, death of following the herd. Find the peace of the sage under the Oak, or forever remain the diseased cattle, creating and being destroyed by the herd. Seek out the eye that pierces the veil, or forever remain chocked and blind. Be our highest denominator, if only standing alongside the few. Or be the lowest denominator, standing amongst the many.